Q: Do you have a manufacturing Unit?  Where are you located?


A: Carports Mart is a licensed representative of Steel Buildings and Structures, Inc.  Carports Mart is located in Houston, Texas and Steel Buildings and Structures, Inc. is located in Mount Airy, North Carolina.


Q: What is your service Area?


A: Even though Carports Mart is located in Texas, we are able to serice

8 weeks.


Q: How thick is the siding that is used for your structures?


A: We use the best quality steel for creating roof and wall panels. Steel strength is a combination of gauge (thickness), yield strength (hardness) and rib height and spacing. Our steel is .0018″ thinner than the 26-gauge soft steel some other builders use, but it has almost twice the yield strength.


Q: What size do I need to pour my concrete slab?


A: You should pour your concrete slab 6" wider and 6" shorter in length.

Example: 18' x 21' should be 18'6" x 20'6"


Q: Do I need a permit?


A: You will need to check with your local building department to see if you're required to obtain a permit for the size of structure you're intending on putting up.


Q: What is the widest, highest and longest building I can get?


A: Steel Buildings & Structures Inc has the ability to serve our customer needs up to 60′ wide, 20′ tall and as long as you need.


Q: When are the extra 4' braces recommended?


A: When the leg height is 8' or taller on all sizes as well as when the width is 22' and 24'


Q: How much adjustment do I have to level my carport if my lot is not completely level?


A: You have approximately 3" to adjust before cut fee may be applied.


Q: Can I add to my structure once its been installed?


A: Yes, there will be a delivery fee of $100.00 if the add on is less that $795. The existing unit must be an ICC building or the panels will not line up correctly. If you want to add walk in doors or garage doors to your carport it must be 6' or taller.


Q: What are my payment methods?


A: You can pay with Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.


Q: What is the difference between certified and non-certified?


A: Non-Certified units are designed to meet industry standards while certified units come with an engineer stamp of approval to withstand 80 to 140 mph winds and 15 to 50 psf snow loads.


Q: What specifications do I need to know to price my carport?


A: You will need to know the length, width and leg height.


Q: Is there a warranty with these structures?


A: 1 year Workmanship on all units, 10 year Panel and Trim on all units, 20 year rust-through frame on all units, 20 year limited on Certified Vertical Roof Style Units



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