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     CARPORTS MART (INTERSTATE CARPORTS CORPORATION, manufacturer),  typically is not able to and does not offer refunds on a deposit paid on a structure. The deposit the customer pays is for CARPORTS MART to begin work on processing and the fulfillment of the customer's order, and locks in the customer's pricing. CARPORTS MART offers a refund policy for UP TO 3 days after the customer places the order, but after 3 days, it is CARPORTS MART's discretion on whether or not a refund will be given.

     It is the CUSTOMER'S  responsibility to know if a permit is needed before the order is placed. As well, please make sure that the land is ready for installation and clear of any debris that would inhibit the crew from installing the structure on level land. If you have any questions, please email or call in order to have them answered before placing your order. Once CARPORTS MART places customer's order with INTERSTATE CARPORTS CORPORATION, it will be delivered and installed within an average of two to four weeks. It is made clear with all customers that this is an “average” and there is no way for CARPORTS MART to guarantee a delivery or installation date for INTERSTATE CARPORTS CORPORATION products because it varies depending on the installation crew, transportation availability, weather, schedules, readily available inventory, and other possible unforeseen reasons. When ordering through CARPORTS MART, you can rest assured that you will get your order as soon as possible.

     CARPORTS MART is not responsible for the installation nor delivery for INTERSTATE CARPORTS CORPORATION orders.  Customers who place an order with CARPORTS MART put a 12% down payment on the order, which is refundable for up to THREE days.  It is the responsibility of the customer to work with INTERSTATE CARPORTS CORPORATION to successfully schedule a delivery date according to the customer's and INTERSTATE CARPORTS CORPORATION's schedules.  The customer is also responsible for resolving any issues that may arise directly with INTERSTATE CARPORTS CORPORATION and not hold CARPORTS MART responsible for any manufacturers guarantees, warranties, installation issues, delivery times, and any other unforeseen problem(s) that could arise throughout the process.  CARPORTS MART will work in good faith with the CUSTOMER and INTERSTATE CARPORTS CORPORATION to assist in resolving issues if any develop as long as both parties are giving reasonable and conscious effort to resolve the issue.  CARPORTS MART takes great pride in selling structures for INTERSTATE CARPORTS CORPORATION, but only hold responsibilities of a "dealer" for INTERSTATE CARPORTS CORPORATION.  As a dealer, CARPORTS MART reserves the right to hold down payment made to CARPORTS MART as non-refundable.  In the event the customer wishes to cancel the order placed with INTERSTATE CARPORTS CORPORATION, the 12% down payment will not be refunded to the customer unless otherwise agreed by CARPORTS MART management.



Interstate Carports Corporation's (ICC) available products and applicable warranties, including without limitation to the following:

  1. Standard (uncertified) units - This unit is built according to ICC's specifications and industry standards. Uncertified units are not eligible for snow load or wind ratings. All uncertified units come with a 30 day limited warranty, which includes manufacturer and or installation defects.

    1. Standard fourteen (14) gauge unit -  The fourteen (14) gauge unit is our most popular style. Fourteen (14) gauge units are constructed with 2 1/2" pre-galvanized square tubing. Fourteen (14) gauge does not carry a rust through warranty. A 30 day manufacturer's limited warranty does apply.

    2. Standard twelve (12) gauge unit - The twelve (12) gauge unit is constructed of more rigid 2 1/2" pre-galvanized square tubing which gives peace of mind through higher tinsel strength and thickness of material. Twelve (12) gauge units come with an additional 10 year warranty on rust through of the framing.

  2. Certified unit - This unit is available in fourteen (14) gauge and twelve (12) gauge. Certified structures are backed by an engineer approved blueprint. These structures are wind and snow load rated for compliance with local code and state regulations, in your area. Certified units are covered by a 5 year limited warranty in accordance with your engineered blueprints. Beginning on your delivery date, certified units require concrete footings that ICC does not provide.

  3. Anchors - All units are secured with anchors which pass through the base rail of the frame and into the ground(or concrete, asphalt, etc.). As the base rail is only affixed to the ground with anchors. Buyer understands and agrees that he/she may experience water leakage undemcath the base rail.

    1. Uncertified unit - Uncertified units are anchored at every other post. Units are anchored with rebar or concrete anchors. Additional anchors may be purchased at an additional cost. Rebar anchors are 32" long, but may be shortened when installing on difficult terrain.  Mobile home or post anchors are also available for uncertified units at an additional cost. There will be an additional charge for installation of mobile home or post anchors on asphalt.

    2. Certified unit - Certified units are anchored at every post, and come with mobile home anchors for ground installations, and concrete anchors for cement installations. There will be an additional charge for installation of mobile home or post anchors on asphalt.

  4. Buyer is responnsible for informing ICC installers of any underground cables, gas lines, utility hazards or relevant matters prior to commencement of installation. ICC will not be held liable for damages done to submerged lines, pipes, cables or other utility instrumentalities during installation.

  5. Buyer shall be solely responsible for, and shall obtain, any necessary city or county permits prior to commencement of installation. ICC will not be held liable for any city or county ordinance or code violations.

  6. Payment terms -

    1. Down Payment - Buyer shall pay Carports Mart a down payment equal to twelve percent (12%) of the purchase price at the time of the sale ("Down Payment").  Down Payment may be made by cash, credit, or checks made payable to Carports Mart

    2. Balance - Buyer shall pay the remaining balance eighty-eight percent (88%) to the installation crew on the date of installation . Payment may be made by cash, credit, or checks made payable to Interstate Carports.

    3. Excessive down payment -  If buyer pays more than the required twelve percent (12%) down payment/dpeosit at the time of the sale, ICC must receive these funds from the dealer prior to installation.

    4. Refunds - In the event buyer cancels the order, buyer shall receive no refund on the twelve percent (12%) down payment/deposit . In addition. there shall be absolutely no refunds on special orders.

  7. Lot must be leveled prior to installation or unit will be installed "as is'' and any and all warranties will be void.

  8. If buyer alters the unit in any manner, including without limitation any interior or exterior modifications, all warranties shall be immediately void.  If buyers choose to run electric or plumbing to the unit, work must be performed by a licensed contractor or all warranties will be void.

  9. Buyer will pay an additional "labor charge" of no less than seventy-five dollars ($75.00) if installers are required to dig, cut frame to level, carry materials further than a reasonable distance, or install on any wall or dock.

  10. Buyer will pay a minimum service charge of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) if installers must return to install an addition to an existing unit.

  11. Carports Mart will not be liable to buyer for punitive, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages resulting from any defect or deficiencies in accepted items. For more specific terms, please contact a Carports Mart representative.

  12. Carports Mart is not responsible for changes in delivery dates caused by circumstances out of ICC's control (weather, accidents, etc.).



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